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Family ski vacations are a fun experience for all. However, we all know how expensive skiing can be. In addition to the cost of lift tickets, lessons, ski equipment, and the trip itself, the price of the must-have clothing can very quickly add up for a family. With the winter season fast approaching, it’s time to overhaul our children’s winter apparel. Young children grow so fast that they typically need a new wardrobe every season. However, buying brand-new clothes every year at retail stores for your children can get very expensive and is not a feasible option for most families. Therefore, shopping consignment for used winter clothing for your children is a fantastic idea.

But what exactly isconsignment? Consignment is where second-hand items are left with athird party to sell. Local or online consignment stores sellgently-used clothing and give the owner a percentage of the proceeds.As the buyer, you have the opportunity to find great items for yourentire family. The benefits of shopping consignment includeaffordable prices, unique selections, and good-quality items. Belowwe will cover these benefits in more detail and help fulfill all yourkids’ clothing needs this upcoming ski season.


We are all looking for ways to stretch our precious paychecks. Of course, we would all love to have our money purchase more, not less. You probably already know that skiing can be quite expensive - lift tickets, ski equipment, and the massive amount of clothing required to stay warm and comfortable. And families with kids have even more required expenses.

Are you looking for ways to make your next ski trip more budget-friendly? Shopping consignment can help give your kids affordable winter clothing this season. Purchasing second-hand allows you to find higher-end clothing on a budget. You typically will find winter clothing consignment stores full of barely worn and often brand-new items that you can buy at prices generally 30% to 50% off retail.

Skiing and cold weather are all about layers! Unfortunately, this means even more clothes and more expenses. Purchasing your kids’ ski clothes from a consignment store allows each dollar earned to be stretched further, especially when trying to keep up with growth spurts! When finances are tight, every dollar counts. 


Ready for ascavenger hunt? Another great benefit to shopping consignment is thatit allows you to find unique items. This diverse inventory allowsyour children to develop their own fashionable style while stayingwithin your budget. Consignment also allows your children topotentially overhaul their entire wardrobe every season toaccommodate their constantly changing tastes.

At retail stores,you typically have to choose from mass-produced items when purchasingnew clothes. Why be like everyone else? Beyond the obvious financialand environmental benefits of buying used, your family will get theadded bonus of owning items you won’t typically find anywhere else.This allows your children to develop their own style as well ashaving a safety benefit as well. If your children wear unique andeye-catching apparel, they will stand out on the ski slopes and helpyou visually keep track of their whereabouts at all times.

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Most consignment stores only accept high-quality merchandise in like-new condition. And since winter clothing is a seasonal market, these items tend to be in excellent condition due to the small window of use throughout the year. In addition, children’s ski clothes are usually in extra good condition because they are only worn briefly due to growth spurts. You can easily find an abundance of high-quality winter clothes that are still in excellent shape at budget-friendly prices. Often you can find high-quality brands for kids, such as Spyder, Burton, and Obermeyer, for a fraction of the cost. And in most cases, you can’t even tell that these clothes are secondhand.


As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children. By shopping consignment, we are role-modeling good environmental and financial habits. Buying secondhand goods helps preserve our planet’s limited natural resources and decreases the demand for new items that require additional energy and deplete even more natural resources. Buying consignment this winter will help lower your carbon footprint and teach your children that everyone needs to do their part in keeping this planet healthy for future generations.

In addition to beingeco-friendly, shopping consignment will help role-model goodfinancial responsibility for your children. If your children see youbargain-shopping and sticking to a budget, they will be more likelyto do the same when they grow up! So head down to your localconsignment store and teach your children how to buy more for less.Living on a budget is the key to financial success!   


Because childrengrow so fast, try to buy clothing in larger sizes so your child canuse it throughout the whole ski season. And buy layers! These layers,such as fleece hoodies and waterproof shells, keep your children warmon the slopes and double as rain jackets and fall clothing forschool. The more use you can get out of their winter clothing beforeyour children grow out of them will help reduce your financial costsand impact on the environment.

Another suggestionwould be to purchase clothing that grows with your kids. For example,Obermeyer's "I-Grow'' kids' winter clothing uses special seamsdesigned to be removed from pant legs and arm sleeves to lengthenthem by several inches as your children grow. By shopping consignment and finding these unique items, you can stayahead of the growth spurts and remain within your budgetsimultaneously.


Winter consignmentsales are increasingly popular ways to overhaul your children’swinter wardrobe with gently used and good-quality items. Bypurchasing second-hand, you avoid paying full price for ski clothesyour children will quickly outgrow. You will benefit from discounted prices and unique items whileteaching your children good financial responsibility.

Make it a familygame - a scavenger hunt for the best items at the best prices! Buyingconsignment for your children for this winter’s ski season is asmart way to save cash and have positive environmental effects. Soget ready to start bargain shopping and enjoy the upcoming skiseason!

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